WorldEscape offers property investors a chance to work with us by either purchasing a property and being a hands on manager or purchasing a property and leasing it back to WorldEscape and being a silent investor in that property or if you want take on a city and expand your city Escape business yourself.

We searches and seeks suitable buildings in any city which has an existing license to operate as short term rentals  or where a license can be applied for.  By external partners we develops the building so it is suitable to offer it as short stay vacation accommodation. This is an ideal investment in real estate for investors and offers a high return. WorldEscape offers long term contracts on all properties.

Our Real Estate Team handles the entire operation from beginning to end, developing building into modern  trendy and comfortable vacation apartment building.  A finished project adds a huge amount of value to any building and with WorldEscape as the tenant  it is  a very secure investment for any investor.


Do you have a Property you would like to rent through WorldEscape: You may already have a property that could be suitable for WorldEscape to manage for you.


We can show what you need to do and help you through the process, so you can start to maximise your investment.


We will evaluate the requirements through a step by step process, alternatively we can do all the work for you such as organising all of the furniture, electrical’s etc and prepare the property for the fully furnished rental market.  Contact us, whether you have a property or would like to buy one of a our pre existing properties, we look forward to helping you grow your investment.


Equity Investors

WorldEscape Group is seeking cash investors to help us grow our worldwide presence in the vacation rental market, if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us. Investing in WorldEscape Group can be done in a number of different ways.


Real Estate Investors

WorldEscape Group sees major possibilities and opportunities in expanding the number of exclusively managed properties. These investment properties include a long-term rental contract with WorldEsape Group.


WorldEscape offers real estate investors a complete investment project, with a secure and profitable return on investment.


To achieve their ambition, WorldEscape is always looking for investors and partners who share the same innovative and ambitious mentality and who would like to support us in achieving their ambition.

Investing in WorldEscape Group can be done in different ways. Feel free to contact us for an informal, no obligation talk or presentation about the possibilities.



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